Nicky Russo, Men's silver medalist and lover of Payson Keeler, lives a dramatic life. He is usually found at the Rock constantly training because of his dedication to the sport. Although he has feelings towards Payson, MJ, Nicky's agent, wants to pair him up with Kaylie Cruz, Women's Gold Medalist saying that they make a "power couple." At first he thinks of her as a spoiled brat who came out of nowhere at nabbed the gsurgery. Later that evening, Nicky shows up at Payson's door, sharing a kiss.

The next episode shows Nicky helping Kaylie out with her double arabian early in the morning. They share a couple of moments during that time, one of them being Kaylie trying to push Nicky up but fails, so they almost touch mouth to mouth. Payson walks in during this moment, then walks out disappointed. Nicky attempts to give her chocolates for Valentine's Day, but throws them away after Payson told him that she met a guy at her new high school.

Nicky eventually goes away to Denver quoting that there was too much drama at the rock. In the episode, "The New Normal," Nicky is mentioned during a scuffle between Lauren Tanner and Denver rival Kelly Parker. We learn from Lauren that Nicky has also gone away from Denver Elite. The angry way Kelly reacts hints at another Nicky Russo romance gone wrong.