Friends Close, Enemies Closer
Season 2, Episode
Air date June 28, 2010
Written by Joanna Johnson
Directed by Patrick Norris
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Emily, Lauren, and Kaylie defy the National Committee by inviting and beating the Chinese gymnastic team at a club meet. After that, Ellen Beals tells the girls they've been suspended from the National team until further notice and won't be going to France for the invitational. The girls go behind Sasha's back and try to ask Ellen for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Payson is still working on her comeback to gymnastics, but Sasha doesn't think she's ready. Payson ignores Sasha's wishes and petitions to perform in front of the National Committee in France to see if they'll let rejoin the Nationals team.

Kaylie asks Carter for another chance at their relationship, but Carter tells they're better off as friends. Chloe and Steve continue to date, but Emily makes Chloe promise that she won't accept money from him. Little do Chloe and Emily know, Steve makes a deal with Ellen that if he helps her get rid of Sasha, she'll help him gain control of the Rock, guarantees a spot for Lauren on the Nationals team, and make a private scholarship fund for Emily.

Lauren, Kaylie, and Emily apologize to the National Committee for their actions. Ellen tells them that their suspension has been lifted & Kaylie will be going to France ranked at #1 while Emily is ranked #3 and Lauren is an alternate. Upset at Kaylie for always getting her own way, Lauren reveals to Kaylie that she didn't get her way with Carter and that he chose her as his girlfriend.