Are We Having Fun Yet?
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date January 25, 2010
Written by Amy Turner
Directed by Michael Robison
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California Girls
Loves Me, Loves Me Not


Emily's performance suffers after she googles herself and sees that bloggers are judging her negatively online. Payson begins to attend public high school mid-year and clashes with the school's Queen Bee, who doesn't take kindly cheerleading tumbling pointers. However, Kaylie, Lauren and Emily quickly come to her rescue and manage to get the 'Queen Bee' off Payson's back for a short time. A girl called Heather tries to welcome Payson but she has no desire to get involed with any school activities. Meanwhile, Ike, a school outcast takes Payson under his wing encouraging Payson to skip class and offers her a pot. At the Rock, Sasha is hosting an annual Open House Night and decides to make it 'fun' this year, encouraging everyone to enjoy themselves by dressing themselves in costumes and performing routines purely for entertainment. Nicky and Kaylie are assigned to do a duet performance, which proves to be difficult, consirdering they have conflicting opinions about everything. However the couple soon come to a truce and Kaylie comes up with an idea for thier performance. Meanwhile, Emily is convinced by her mom to tell the story of her life through her performance, which results in a little girl asking for Emily's first autograph.